Iwata Naoko - Singer and Songwriter, Vocal and Piano : Iwata Naoko

About Iwata Naoko

Iwata Naoko is Japanese Singer songwriter.

Naoko was born in Sakai-shi, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.And grew up in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Naoko began to taking piano lessons at piano school at the age of 4. Naoko continue learning for nine years.

↑ Naoko at the age of 6.  A piano recital of piano school

 ↑ Naoko at the age of 10.  A piano recital of piano school

After that, Naoko got to know the joy of dance. Naoko was active in the world of dance. Every day, Naoko had asked herself " What is job I really want to do? ". While working, Naoko began the study of voice training, writing words, and the compositon. Naoko began to write words and composed of Naoko's original songs from 2004. Naoko began to play a gig at the live music club in Tokyo,Japan From 2005. Naoko sang of Naoko's original songs along with piano. Naoko have wrote words and music of Naoko's original songs ever since.

Naoko started the live on the street by style of singing along with keyboard from 2006,June.


Naoko sang at the street alone.


Buy the end of 2008, The total number of lives on the street amounted to two hundred fifty. Onece again say,just alone.